Greetings and Best Wishes for 2018!

Calgary Mountain View

Greetings and best wishes for 2018!

Change is the constant in our lives and so with my constituency office.

Janice and Joshua are ably managing my office now and happy to answer any questions and provide resources to: advocates, petition guidelines, AISH, AB Works, MEP, WCB and Appeals Advisor, seniors, health, mental health and addiction supports, and more.

I continue to meet with constituents on important challenges for political leaders. Unemployment remains a serious concern in Calgary. We are in the midst of a huge transition toward renewables during a period of lower oil prices—a double ‘whammy’ for the oil industry. Yet there are new signs of hope. My office is able to direct constituents to various support services and retraining opportunities.

I was pleased with Bills passed in the Legislature’s Fall Session including reduced school fees, reducing barriers for women escaping violence and legal support for Gay-Straight Alliances in all schools.

I was not supportive of the cap on electricity rates which will inevitably rise (with new infrastructure and fossil fuel costs) adding to the ballooning deficit and debt. It was also disappointing that Bill 17 (Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act) excluded paid farmworkers from rest breaks and overtime pay.

Healthcare continues to be a mixed experience with excellent services for hospital care and yet Emergency Medical Services is plagued with concerns. There are longer response times, excessive delays in Emergency Rooms and a growing toll on the health of frontline staff. I’ve been privileged to participate in the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention which wrapped up end of January with 24 key recommendations to improve services to vulnerable families, especially indigenous children, who make up 2/3’s of the 10,000 children in care.

I am always available through appointment to learn about and address concerns you may have regarding any provincial responsibilities, or notary public requests.

May those celebrating have a Blessed Easter and Passover!