The 2018 Budget

Calgary Shaw

With the official arrival of Spring, a 2018 budget was also tabled by Finance Minister Joe Ceci – A Recovery Built to Last. The 2018 Budget focuses squarely on extending the benefits of Alberta’s economic recovery to all Albertans and continuing to build a more resilient, diversified and stable economy that is less vulnerable to oil price shocks—in other words, a recovery that is built to last for everyone.

This plan confirms the ongoing commitment to make life better for all Albertans. The priorities of this year’s budget are to diversify our economy, protect vital public services we all rely on, and to bring the budget back to balance.

I believe that Albertans deserve a balanced plan for a secure future, one that carefully and responsibly controls costs while protecting services. I also believe that Budget 2018 will have a very positive effect on the riding of Calgary Shaw. One of the most frequent complaints my office receives is that schools in South Calgary are growing beyond their capacity and classroom sizes continue to grow. Budget 2018 allocated nearly $400 million to build badly needed schools across Alberta including many in Calgary.

I am glad that in 2017 Alberta’s economic rebound surpassed expectations. However, I realize not all Albertans are feeling the economic boost and I will not stop working until all Albertans are able to enjoy a strong economy.

In Calgary Shaw

I want to let you know about two exciting events my office is coordinating. The first is a Jane’s Walk of Midnapore. A Jane’s Walk is a free guided walking tour and the weekend of May 4-6 they will be happening around the city. Please phone my office or follow my Facebook page for more information. The second event we are hosting is our annual Stampede BBQ on June 30th, 2018. This year we will be partnering with the Somerset Bridlewood Community Association to have an even bigger and better event. While we plan the details be sure to read my newsletter for updates. All are welcome. As always if you have concerns or questions please contact my office at 403-256-8969 or [email protected].