Repealing the Carbon Tax is Priority One

Calgary West

As your MLA, I have heard many stories from constituents about how the new carbon tax has affected families in Calgary-West. For many of us, one place we can feel the new price hike is at the pumps. According to CBC, the NDP’s carbon tax means paying 4.5 cents more per liter of fuel and 5.3 cents more per liter of diesel. Your home heating bill has also risen.

Canada is known for its winters, and I doubt many of us are going to lower the temperature in our house to compensate. Same goes for gasoline. We all need to get to work, and get back home. We need to get groceries and get our kids to and from activities. For me, making that more expensive isn’t going to change behaviors. Even if it did, the environmental impact of a reduction of commuters and homeowners in Alberta is negligible.

There is no doubt that the environment is an important priority. There are better ways to take care of the environment then increasing our taxes on everything. If you agree, I encourage you to let us know at

Mike Ellis, MLA