Green Line Update for Crescent Heights – June

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(as of May 5)

The Green Line team completed a six-month engagement process at the end of April that focused on mobility and streetscape. In the last sessions, they shared an updated Streetscape Master Plan for Centre Street North, as well as final recommendations from the Crescent Heights Mobility Study.

Next Steps for The Green Line Process – What Happens After This Engagement Period?

o The Green Line team reported to the board on May 5 (online)

o On May 19, the Green Line team was to present the proposed recommendations to the Green Line Committee

o In June, Council will receive the Green Line report

o Work will continue with key community stakeholders on parking and the 13th Ave NW gates

o The team will move into the next stage of detailed planning.

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A Few Updates on Specific Items:

Traffic Calming: The Green Line Mobility Plan currently recommends that no further traffic calming be considered for Crescent Heights until after the Green Line starts operating, at which time it will be reviewed if needed. We will be advocating for traffic calming to be fully reviewed, addressed, and in place before the Green Line start up.

Centre Street Streetscape: We have concerns about the limited space for sidewalks (in some areas only 2m) and public realm and feel that more attention needs to be paid to the vision to create a vibrant, safe, and welcoming pedestrian environment. We will continue to work with the Green Line team to continue to find ways to ensure that the space for sidewalks and public realm that runs along both the east and west sides of Centre Street is increased for the safety and comfort of pedestrians.

16th Ave Crossing: The Green Line team has indicated that at this point, the plan is for the train to pass at grade across 16th Ave. We would like the Green Line team to provide confirmation that the crossing at 16th Avenue will be at grade and avoid any change of plan to go below grade in the future, so that there will be no further (major) disruptions to the community of Crescent Heights when the line is expanded north.

Parking: The Green Line team has proposed Interface Parking to accommodate business parking in Crescent Heights. This would mean that:

o There would be paid parking on the 100 blocks of Crescent Heights between 7th Ave and 13th Ave N on both the east and west sides of Centre Street

o Residential permits would be available to residents but not visitor permits. According to the Residential Parking Program Review document, visitors to those residents will need to use the hourly on-street paid parking.

To find out more about Interface parking/the Residential Parking Program Review go to: or

The Green Line team has recommended that there be further discussions with the community regarding parking to explore options other than the proposed interface parking.

13th Ave NW Gates: The Green Line team proposed moving the gates one or two blocks west of where they are currently located in order to allow traffic to flow through the area to get to local businesses. After some discussion, the Green Line team suggested an option to put the 13th Ave gate on a diagonal/use a diverter. The Green Line team has recommended that there be further discussions with the community regarding the 13th Ave NW gates. We are working with the Green Line team to find alternate options to removing/ moving the gates.

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