Highland Park’s Planning and Development Report for July

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by D. Jeanne Kimber

City Council approved the Rezoning for Housing Bylaw with amendments on May 14. With this bylaw change R-C2 parcels will be rezoned to R-CG, and any R-C2 parcels along 40 Ave NW, 4 St NW, and Centre St will be rezoned H-GO. Administration has to revise the current Land Use Bylaw to incorporate the changes and has set August 6 as the implementation date. Videos and minutes of the Council hearing can be accessed from https://www.calgary.ca/council/meetings/agenda-minutes.html?redirect=/agendaminutes.

Here is a listing of current land use and development permit applications in Highland Park. Hearings for land use changes to R-CG or H-GO will still be proceeding for some of these applications pending the Rezoning implementation date.

• LOC2024-0083 440 32 Ave NW for a land use change to R-CG will be heard by Council on July 16.

• LOC2024-0069 3910 Centre B St NW for a land use change to R-CG is also scheduled for a public hearing at Council on July 16.

• LOC2024-0099 4016, 4020, and 4024 3 Street NW for H-GO. Two of these parcels closest to 40 Ave would be designated as H-GO because of the Rezoning bylaw approval, but the parcel at #4016 would normally be redesignated to R-CG. We have asked the File Manager about this.

• LOC2024-0006 3520 Centre St NE for a land use change from M-C1 to M-U2 to enable construction of a six-storey multi-residential building with ground floor commercial potential. The application has not progressed since March.

• LOC2024-0034 4020 1 St NW for H-GO to allow for five units with suites. A hearing date at Calgary Planning Commission has not been set.

• LOC2023-0259 3820 and 3824 Centre A St NE for M-C1 zoning. The applicant wants to build fifteen townhouses. The application is under review.

• LOC2023-0290 3308 2 St NE. The application for R-CG has not progressed since March.

The following DP applications are all Under Review:

• DP2024-01385 212 32 Ave NE for two three-unit rowhouses with six suites. We noted that the building plans do not conform to R-CG land use.

• DP2024-00453 4023 Centre B St NW for a five-unit rowhouse with suites.

• DP2024-01681 204 33 Ave NE for a four-unit rowhouse with suites.

• DP2023-07472 116 43 Ave NE for two semi-detached with suites.

• DP2024-00614 3704 Centre St NE for a Chinese Buddhist Temple.

• DP2024-01027 3307 2 St NE for a four-unit rowhouse with suites.

• DP2023-01343 covering #204 to #212 40 Ave NW for three rowhouse buildings with sixteen units and sixteen suites.

• DP2024-02100 119 42 Ave NE is a new application for a semi-detached with suites.

• DP2024-02991 4004 Centre A St NE for two single-detached homes each with a suite.

• DP2024-03112 3803 and 3805 Centre A St NE for a semi-detached with suites.

• DP2024-03789 3721 Centre B St NW for a single detached on the north lot.

Recent approvals include:

• DP2023-08976 for two rowhouse buildings at 3404 3 St NW approved on May 29. Amended plans are available on the Development Map.

• DP2024-00720 for a five-unit rowhouse with suites at 458 33 Ave NW approved May 23.

An application to build an apartment building on four parcels on the south side of 41 Ave NW near Centre St will be submitted soon. The applicant communicated with the HPCA Planning Committee about their hopes to build 60 units, but plans are not yet available.

For more information visit the City’s Development Map at https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/.

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