Hillhurst-Sunnyside’s September Community Planning and Development Report


The Hillhurst Sunnyside Planning Committee (HSPC) is recruiting! Our meetings are open to all residents (whether you rent or own your home, or as guests and potential volunteers). We are currently looking to increase representation from residents living in apartments/condos and those who call Sunnyside home. For details, pop in at our next meeting on Tuesday October 9, 2018 from 7-9pm at the HSCA or contact [email protected].

There are several large projects across the community that are in various stages of planning, development and construction. You can follow the progress on these proposals on our website at hsca-community-planning.mn.com or on the City of Calgary Development Map at developmentmap.calgary.ca.

Glo Development (916-926 2 Ave NW)

Neighbours filed an appeal to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board against the City’s approval of the 16m (5 storeys), 59 unit condo project in Sunnyside. The Appeal Board heard presentations from the City Development Authority, residents, HSCA and the developer’s group. The hearing went on for three days from July 23-25; the Board has reserved its decision – the written report will be released at www.calgarysdab.ca under “Decisions” under the file # (SDAB2018-0018).

Former CBC/Radio-Canada Site (1724 Westmount Blvd NW)

Anthem’s Land Use Amendment (or rezoning) application is now active. At the time of writing, HSPC is currently working with neighbours in the area to respond to the proposal. At this time, the community is able to comment on the Land Use Amendment (the current Direct Control zoning allows for a radio station/offices) to M-C1 or Multi-Residential – Contextual Low Profile District to allow for residential buildings, such as the townhouses shown in the conceptual plans.

While the comment period will have ended by Aug 10, this application will still go through a process of internal review with City Planning, an independent review at Calgary Planning Commission and ultimately a public hearing at City Council. If you would like to submit comments, please contact the City of Calgary File Manager at [email protected] and copy Councillor Druh Farrell’s office c/o Dale Calkins ([email protected]) and the HSCA c/o Lisa Chong ([email protected]).

Above: Anthem’s initial design for the proposed development at 1724 Westmount Blvd NW. These drawings are subject to change through the development process. Read more at https://1724westmount.com.

1146 Memorial Drive NW

Another project from Anthem is currently under construction on Memorial Drive west of the Kensington Riverside Inn. This 16m building, 5-storey project is separated into two wings and will add 93 units to the site. Here is a rendering to show the building once it is completed.

This project replaced 13 original single-family character homes on the site, which were not legally protected from redevelopment. The original developer (Dobbin Group) at the Land Use Amendment stage worked with the City to ensure that two buildings that they own, the Starbucks and Kensington Pub building were added to the City’s list of protected heritage properties a contribution was added into the Community Amenity Fund (density bonusing) and the site was granted a greater height and density by City Council.

LifeSport/Hillhurst Baptist Church Site

Battistella Developments currently has an application to preserve the Church and build a tower higher behind the church on Gladstone Road, at a greater height/density than currently permitted in the Hillhurst Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan. While the community generally supports heritage retention, neighbours and HSCA have submitted commented with concerns about the cost to the interior and balancing densification with retaining the family-oriented and lower density areas of the community. Read about this proposal at www.engagehillhurstbaptistchurch.com.

Cannabis Retail Stores

The City is now started the process of approving and rejecting cannabis retail applications (based on their review criteria and based on first-come first-serve applications). There are currently 9 applications for cannabis retail stores in Hillhurst Sunnyside. At the time of writing, two applications on the east side of 10 St have been approved. The City’s decisions (to approve or refuse applications) can be appealed by either applicants or neighbours. See the updated map at http://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Scripts/land-use-bylaw/cannabis-store-info-map.html.

Traffic and Mobility

Our community has seen major changes since the ARP Transit Oriented Development policies were adopted by City Council in 2009 to increase density near existing infrastructure, services and transit. As our community densifies, there has also been changes in traffic volume and impact on the existing roads, sidewalks, and laneways. In addition, our community experiences cut-through commuter traffic, speeding and other safety issues.

The HSCA and Councillor Farrell have supported several local traffic study requests over the years but have yet to obtain approval from City Transportation for traffic calming measures. As you can imagine, many requests are submitted across the city and there is a limited budget within the City to act on all requests.

We are pleased to welcome our newer neighbours and all existing residents’ participation in community life. Volunteers are requested to start a larger-scale initiative to apply for a comprehensive community-wide traffic study. Volunteers are needed to gather residents’ petition signatures and get the word out to neighbours. HSPC is not able to lead this project but would be happy to provide resources, meeting space and help recruit volunteers. Let us know if you would like to get involved by sending an email to [email protected]. We aim to start this initiative in the fall.