Kincora & Symons Valley Park Update for July

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Hello Neighbours,

Summer is finally here, and with summer comes plenty of outdoor activities, and fun in the sun. We recently hosted our AGM on May 28. More than 25 people from our four communities came out to hear about us, and we are thankful for your support. We also elected a new board and are happy to announce the 2024 SVLAS Board of Directors, including three new Directors:

Kris McPherson – President

Chad Rowe – Vice President

Jarret Miller – Treasurer

Moncy Abraham – Secretary

Peggy Tse – Director of Communications

Braden Swab – Director of Project Development

Kevin Matieshin – Director of Fund Development

Anandha Arumugam – Director at Large

Sarah Kromm – Director at Large

Vacant – Director at Large

We also want to say thank you to our volunteer directors Courtney Hunt and Razaq Mohammed, who stepped down this past year. We are grateful for your efforts in helping us grow our project.

In the coming months, we will be launching a robust sponsorship program that will hopefully generate some donations towards our project. Right now, there are some terrific grant opportunities available for us to receive matching dollars, however we need support to get our portion of money secured first.

Community outdoor amenities play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life and well-being of our community members. Overall, Symons Valley Park will offer a wide range of benefits, ranging from physical and mental health improvements to social interaction, environmental sustainability, and community development. Our park will contribute to the overall quality of life and happiness of residents and will be essential to the Symons Valley area. Our aim in building Symons Valley Park is to deliver key benefits to the residents such as:

1.) Promoting Physical Health: The park playgrounds, sports fields, and walking trails will encourage physical activity and exercise, and help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2.) Enhancing Mental Well-Being: Spending time in nature and outdoor environments has been linked to improved mental health and well-being. The park gives individuals a place to relax, reduce stress, and enjoy nature.

3.) Fostering Social Connections: With the park as a gathering place, people can come together and interact by socializing, meeting neighbours, and building a sense of community.

4.) Increasing Property Values: People are often willing to pay a premium for homes located near parks, trails, and recreational facilities, making our park a valuable community asset.

5.) Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Spaces: Our park will ensure that individuals with disabilities or mobility limitations can participate in outdoor activities.

6.) Encouraging Active and Vibrant Communities: Our park will promote and stimulate the use of local businesses.

If you agree that the benefits of building Symons Valley Park are significant, then we ask you to join us today. We are still looking for volunteers and sponsorship partners to help us raise funds to move our project forward. Please find us on the web at or reach out by email at [email protected].

Best Regards,

Kris McPherson

President, Symons Valley Park

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