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Hello Mount Pleasant Neighbours,

Let’s continue our virtual green initiatives adventure by bringing it a little closer to home and arriving back in Canada this month.

Montreal, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant urban life, is making waves as a leader in sustainable development through the innovative use of public spaces. Montreal stands out with how it has turned its public spaces into hubs of green innovation, fostering community engagement, and setting an inspiring example for sustainable urban living.

Montreal’s commitment to sustainability is vividly reflected in its extensive network of parks, green roofs, and urban gardens. The city’s public spaces are not merely areas for recreation but are thoughtfully designed ecosystems that promote biodiversity, reduce urban heat islands, and enhance the overall quality of life for its residents. By integrating green initiatives into urban planning, Montreal is transforming its public spaces into living examples of sustainability.

At the heart of Montreal lies an expansive green area called Mount Royal Park. Designed by the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, the park offers lush green spaces and diverse wildlife, providing residents with a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. Mount Royal Park serves as a vital “lung” for Montreal, contributing to cleaner air, offering ample recreational opportunities, and creates an opportunity for the community to connect with nature.

We’ve talked about the urban gardens in Victoria, but Montreal is another city that has implemented this initiative well. Community gardens are scattered across the city, allowing residents to cultivate their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. One specific example of this is the “Santropol Roulant” rooftop garden, which transforms unused rooftop space into a thriving urban farm. This project demonstrates how even the most unexpected urban spaces can be leveraged to support and promote sustainability.

In its quest to maximize green space, Montreal has embraced the concept of green roofs and vertical gardens. These innovative installations can be found on buildings throughout the city, transforming rooftops and walls into verdant landscapes. Green roofs help insulate buildings, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling, while also managing stormwater runoff and improving air quality. Vertical gardens add a touch of nature to the urban environment, enhancing aesthetic appeal and promoting biodiversity.

Montreal’s public spaces are seamlessly integrated with its sustainable transportation network, encouraging residents to adopt greener modes of travel. The city’s extensive network of bike paths, pedestrian-friendly streets, and efficient public transit system makes it easy for residents to navigate the city without relying on cars. Initiatives such as BIXI, Montreal’s bike-sharing program, further promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation, reducing traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions.

Central to Montreal’s green transformation is the active involvement of its residents. The city regularly hosts workshops, public forums, and educational programs to engage the community in sustainability initiatives. By empowering citizens with knowledge and opportunities to participate, Montreal fosters a sense of ownership and collective responsibility for the environment.

Montreal’s innovative use of public spaces demonstrates that sustainability and urban living can go hand in hand. Through creative green initiatives and a strong focus on community engagement, the city is transforming its public spaces into vibrant, sustainable environments that enhance the quality of life for all residents. We can take inspiration from Montreal and expand our public spaces to become hubs of green innovation of our own.

If you want to get involved and be a part of making Mount Pleasant a greener community, we would love to have you join the committee. Please email [email protected] for more information or if you have any questions. As well, please check out our Mount Pleasant Green Initiatives Group on Facebook! You can find us on the Mount Pleasant Community Association page. The Facebook group is a great place to share knowledge and resources and check in to see what others are saying.

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The MPCA Green Initiatives Committee

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