Queensland President’s Message for November

Hi Everyone,

Well, another month has gone by, and it has been a rather interesting one. For most of the month of September we’ve been under tighter restrictions because of a fourth wave of COVID-19 cases. These tightened restrictions include proof of vaccination. I would like to thank all our renters for being diligent in supplying vaccine passports and following all the rules and regulations that have been imposed on us. I am also grateful to everyone as we have yet to experience any pushback because of the regulations, that I’m sure we’ve all heard about happening at some businesses around town.

I must also mention that in the last month we have had some instances of vandalism at the Community Center. Letters have been stolen off the message board out front of the center. We’ve seen broken glass and some destruction happening around the playground area. Also, sewer grates have been removed. All minor things, but with kids playing in the area, this could lead to injuries.

Finally, we are still in the planning stages for a Craft Fair on November 20. Hopefully the restrictions will be lifted by then and we can go ahead with the Craft Fair. We are also in the planning stages for a Children’s Christmas Party. Again, hopefully the restrictions will be lifted so we can go ahead with this. Please stay tuned for further announcements on these two functions.

Well, that’s about it for another month. Please stay safe out there. Talk to you again next month.