Queensland’s November Message from the President

Presidents Message Queensland Diamond Cove

Hello Everyone,

Well, here we go again. I am sitting here the evening of October 2 looking outside at our wonderful fall season. I know I am up there in years and the memory years are leaving me rather quickly but really did I miss the fall season completely? What is Mother Nature doing to us? SNOW! I can see a little bit falling maybe around Halloween, but I don’t like this at all. Oh well, maybe by the time you read this, everything will be back to normal.

Anyway, I shall try and ignore what is going on outside and carry on with the November President’s Message.

There are a couple of items to put on your calendar for the month November.


Remember our military and try to attend a memorial service that are throughout the city


Queensland Diamond Cove Craft Fair – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Yoga classes – 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Drop in Classes $10.00


Pickle Ball – 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. $5.00 for all players


12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. $2.00 members and $3.00 non-member


Queensland Diamond Cove Casino – December 28 and December 29

Please read information on page inside Crier. Volunteers are needed. If you can help us out with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact Linda at the community center at 403 278-3366.

It is membership time again so please if you have not renewed your membership contact Linda at the Community Center. Our memberships end on August 31 each year. The price is still very reasonable at $20.00 and in all the years that I have been with the association, the price has never changed.

What can buying a community membership do for me, I ask? Well it will help to keep programs running for the children of our community, yoga, pickle ball etc. for adults as well as many other family gatherings etc. throughout the year. There is the Halloween Party (which is usually free) and the Christmas Party which does have a charge but if you have a membership, the price is lower. This will help to have funds to get new rink equipment or pay for any rink expenses, so our fabulous rink can be available for all ages. Also, the memberships will help to increase the general fund to help pay for the upkeep of the building. Did you know that having a membership also gives you the right to voice and vote on any issues at the AGM? Linda, our fabulous Office Director, would not be available if any unattended child gets hurt, needs to use the bathroom, they have to use the phone to contact mom or dad or just need to talk to someone. We have an open-door policy at the community center. Everyone is welcome to drop in. I can’t imagine what it would be like if there wasn’t Linda or someone at the community center to help all of our residents if the need arose.

We will be having a membership drive sometime this fall, if the weather clears up, so please support us. My children are all grown up and have moved to other communities, but I live here in Queensland Diamond Cove and it is very important to support the community with a membership, so the doors can stay open for the future. I can not state this enough—please buy a membership!

Also, please remember to volunteer. We need new ideas and people who are willing to put some time in for our programs to flourish. Without help there just won’t be anything available. We always have the same people that volunteer over and over. They have lives where they would like to take a break from the community programs, but they have been dedicated for years. They have done and are still doing an incredible job. We have 3000 plus homes in the Queensland Diamond Cove Area and out of that there are a handful of dedicated volunteers to keep everything going. What is that telling us? We need people to step up to the plate and help now!

Moving on, I would like to thank everyone who helped with the Family Dance. Shawna, you did a great job with the planning, so a huge bouquet goes out to you for a job well done.

The Halloween Party was a great night as it is every year. The costumes were awesome, and I just love seeing even the adults dress up. Our Halloween planning committee did a great job with activities and spooky decorations. You and the Scout Group are also getting a special thank you bouquet. It was a really fun night.

Well, I could go on for a long time, but I do want to keep you interested in the Crier, so I will stop now. Have a great month.