Rutland Park Development and Traffic Report – December


I would just like to highlight what has been happening/going on behind the scenes this past month, in no particular order:

  • Since 2012 we have been advocating for a traffic study and traffic calming for our communities, with the primary focus of Richmond Road and Sarcee Road. Unfortunately, after all this time, the City is saying that the flashing warning light in the playground zone on Sarcee Road is about all we are going to get. Basically, it is now time to start reporting incidents and concerns to 311 directly. A number of us have already put in a 311 request for flashing pedestrian lights at Richmond Road and 33 St to support those who are coming to Sir James Lougheed, or those who are heading to Killarney School. The more requests the City receives for these types of concerns, the more likely things will get done.
  • The weeds along the medians this summer were out of control. Because there is supposed to be grass there, the medians are on a long turn rotation for cutting. Unfortunately weeds grow much faster than grass. I have asked the City to address the weeds so that this is not an ongoing issue in the future.

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Leanne Ellis

RPCA President

[email protected]