Bees in PBP

PBP cn

by Hy Bombus

With the plants growing in Calgary, as they are at this time of year, watch for our local Hunt’s Bumblebees and Western Honeybees pollinating flowers for us.

Flowers in shades of blue, yellow, white, and purple are most attractive to bees. Having a variety of annuals and perennials of different heights, that bloom successively from May through September, will help keep them around.

With the South Glenmore Park and Weaselhead Natural area nearby (and all the flowers that are planted in our community) you might be interested to buy some equipment and bees and have your own honeybees.

The City of Calgary has beekeeping bylaws as part of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, which were developed in collaboration with Calgary and District Beekeepers Association and Alberta Agriculture. Anyone who wants to apply for a beekeeping licence must complete one of the several approved training courses and beekeepers must get an identification number for each location and register (for free) with the province by June 30 each year. Any complaints relating to bees in the city are handled by Bylaw Enforcement.

Hunt’s Honeybee

Western Honeybee

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