West Springs-Cougar Ridge Community Announcement for November

WestSprings cn

We have a New Committee!!!!

The WSCRCA now has a Building Safer Communities Committee!


In response to a drastic and sudden rise in vandalism, prowlings, and adolescent violence in the community, the Building Safer Communities Committee was formed.

The Committee mandate is to foster and promote a safe and secure community through collaboration with community members and relevant stakeholders. To gather and co-ordinate safety-related information and resources to be distributed to the community at large. Community involvement and participation is strongly encouraged, but any form of vigilantism or harassment is strictly prohibited.


Educate and Inform the community on prevention initiatives and community safety and Crime Prevention resources.

Develop and Share educational materials advocating personal and community safety and security.

Identify and Liaise with relevant Stakeholders in creating programs or initiatives to improve community safety.

Engage and Collaborate with community and Stakeholders on personal and community safety initiatives.

Collect and Disseminate ideas, suggestions, and feedback from Stakeholders.

Encourage and Incorporate ongoing feedback from community engagement.

Communicate messaging focused on safety and crime prevention, via social media, community meetings and regularly printed updates in The WSCR News.

Present a cohesive and co-ordinated Community Safety strategy to the WSCRCA Board.

Look for ongoing updates and information in the WSCR News, and on the WSCRCA website!