Teaching Your Child “Grown Up” Responsibilities

five birthday
blickpixel / Pixabay

Age 5 is a “big” age as these kids are starting Kindergarten and developing so many more skills!

Children are becoming more independent and are capable of learning the rules and behaviours for getting along with others. Adults can help build self confidence by providing clear and consistent instruction about what is expected of them. Encourage and support them as they take on more “grown up” responsibilities. Self confidence comes from caring and consistent relationships with parents, teachers and other adults that play an important role in their lives. Let the child know you love them and value his unique traits and abilities. Also having regular routines at home and school help children to anticipate and prepare for events.

At home, you can have a sharing circle. A sharing circle supports good communication and promotes respect and kindness at home. Sit in a circle and say one nice thing about the person next to you. Once you said something nice about that person, say something nice about yourself. You can do this activity once or twice a month.

Another way to build self confidence is to let a different person pick a movie or activity to do for a weekly family night. Children can make choices for the family that show their individual style.