Social Emotional Milestones

kindergarten  e
tolmacho / Pixabay

Age 5 is a “big” age as these kids are getting ready for school! Now we have to focus on getting ready for Kindergarten and learning new skills.

Social emotional milestones at age 5 are:

  • most concerned about family but are reaching out and making friends
  • they are starting to learn about rules and behaviours outside of the home; they like rules as rules provide order
  • becoming more independent and in control of their behaviour
  • they better understand logic which leads to less tantrums and arguments
  • sharing is better and they are starting to develop empathy
  • they play mostly with the same gender, but are noticing more differences between genders
  • may become clingy, bossy or show mixed emotions when tired
  • can state family values and know that families have different values
  • understanding the world around them better

Working with your child to reach these milestones is critical to a great start to school. Don’t worry if your child reaches these milestones after his/her peers. Children develop differently; a guideline is that you should see these milestones be reached before they are 6 years old.