June at Dr. E. W. Coffin School

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by Laryssa Hart

The Alberta Education Program of Studies is a public document accessible to educators, parents, or other interested people. As an educator, I do familiarize myself with the curriculum. Now, as a parent, I encourage my friends and the parents in my children’s classes to review it as well. It is important to know the learning outcomes and to appreciate the wealth of curricular material that is covered in our classrooms.

Currently the Grade 5 and 6 students at Dr. Coffin are learning how to write articles. An important component of their writing is realizing they have an audience. I spoke with the teacher, Mrs. Saunders, and we decided a great audience would be the readers of the Brentwood Bugle. Please enjoy this article by four young writers:

Learning About Peru

by Emma H, Cohen B, Victoria Y, and Bella S.

The Grade 3 and 4 students of Dr. Coffin School have been learning about Peru for the past few months. The students were excited to learn about Peru because they had just learned about Tunisia. One student said, “It very was fun to learn about Tunisia, so I know that learning about Peru will be fun too!”

They had a guest speaker come in to educate them about Peru. This guest speaker’s name was Giuliana Arévalo. Giuliana is from Peru and she is a close friend with a Dr. Coffin student’s family, so they invited her to visit their classroom.

One way the students showed what they learned was to make an art piece of facts, animals, or anything to do with Peru. Not only did they create an art project, but they also completed an assignment where they wrote ten facts about Peru in Google Docs.

Once the subject was over, one student exclaimed, “everything was so fascinating and interesting!”