June at St. Gerard School

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St. Gerard has had a wonderful, but very busy month of June! As always, it is a time of celebrations, progress reports, farewells, and planning for the future.

All year, St. Gerard has played host to St. Cecilia school, our sister-school from the East side of McLeod Trail. After a month of filling boxes and tying up loose ends, St. Cecilia staff successfully moved back into their building after a year of renovations, ready to receive students in the coming year in a brand-new building. As the dust settles, St. Gerard will once again revert to its usual state of being a family-friendly school of 125 students housed in a large building for the 2018-2019 school year.

We are cautiously optimistic that St. Gerard’s staff will be relatively stable going into next year, but you never know! Sometimes plans change in the lives of teachers and support staff alike, taking them in different directions that don’t include St. Gerard. Whatever the case, we are hopeful that students will return to familiar faces, including 6 classroom teachers between Kindergarten and grade 6. M. Harries and Mme. Tardif will remain as principal and assistant principal, respectively, which will assist with continuity in planning and shaping the school’s direction in the future.

As we look back on the accomplishments and achievements of this past year, we must thank many people for their outstanding contributions. We sincerely thank the teaching and support staff for their pursuit of excellence and the professionalism, diligence, and dedication to teaching and learning at St. Gerard School.

I would like to thank School Council for all their support over the last school year—their hard work has had a direct positive impact in student learning. To all parents, I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the St. Gerard Community. The caring, support, and leadership shown by students, staff and volunteers have made my job here an absolute pleasure. I look forward to continuing to serve you in the years ahead!