Wichewakn District Guiding – January

Guides Wichewakn District

The 60th Guides meet every Wednesday at the Ranchlands Community Center. We have a very large group—27 girls and four leaders! This makes for exciting meetings and lots of opportunities for new friendships! We are a camping-focused unit and have tons of fun planning our next weekend.

So far this Guiding year, we have been on two camping trips. The first camp was out at Camp Evergreen, near Sundre. Our Guides had the chance to experience a wide range of activities they had never tried before! Highlights were the 10-meter climbing wall, high ropes and zipline course, and horseback riding. The girls really stepped out of their comfort zones and learned a lot about themselves through team building exercises! This camp was an amazing way to start off the Guiding year, and we look forward to going back next year.

Our second camp was this past weekend out at Camp Jubilee. Our theme was “Art Camp”; we organized for a local artist to spend Saturday teaching the girls how to create a painting. All eleven girls were enraptured throughout the whole process, and channelled their artistic skills into exceptional masterpieces!

We believe camping is an integral part to Guiding, as it teaches the girls important life skills. Even as leaders, we always learn something new each weekend! We have at least three more camps planned for the rest of the year and are looking forward to tent-camping out at IASG in May.

If you wish to volunteer or register your daughter in Girl Guides, please email Aurora at [email protected].