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2013 Sepp Moser, Zweigelt (Zwei-gelt) Grosse Reserve, Apetlon Vineyard, Burgenland, Austria

About the Maker: The Moser family is considered one of Austria’s grand viticultural dynasties. Current winemaker Nikolaus (Niki) Moser represents the fifth generation. Niki is the grandson Dr. Lenz Moser, the man responsible for modernizing Austrian vineyard management (the Lenz Moser System). His system – based on training vines higher off the ground – enables better ventilation and sun exposure; leading to improved vine health, grape quality and profitability.

About the Winery: After selling the family business (Weinkeller Lenz Moser) in 1986, Niki’s father Josep (Sepp) branched out on his own, establishing Weingut Sepp Moser in 1987.

About the Grape: A crossing of European varietals St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt is Austria’s most widely-planted red grape.

About Sustainability: Biodynamic since 2000, Weingut Sepp Moser was one of Austria’s first to adopt biodynamic farming practices, meaning natural practices (and much more) are followed in all aspects of growing and making. Certified Biodynamic by demeter.

About the Wine: A lovely garnet red in-glass, aromas of cranberries blend with leather and tobacco. In the mouth, light-to-medium bodied red plum flavours meld with notes of sour cherry and walnut. The palate finishes long and clean.

  1. Unfiltered, so please be aware of sediment.

About Pairing: Pair with paté, tender cuts of pork, or roast pheasant and turkey.

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CSPC #792723

About Price: $48