Elboya Heights & Britannia 2018 Real Estate Trends

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So, the reason I have done two charts here is because these two communities merged their associations in 2017. Although they are on opposite sides of Elbow Drive, it is important to see the breakdown. In the future, I will group these together into one table, but for the first issue I wanted people to have a clear understanding as to why we are seeing the two separate tables.
I always try and take an optimistic approach to the way I view situations. I agree that the stats look grim, sales are down, listings are up and if we did an overall view of the city market it does not look so great. On the flip side, it turns out that because of the influx in inventory this is a wonderful time to buy. Although there have been some increases in interest rates and there is some financial insecurity out there, due to circumstances most of us can’t control, buying up some of the market may not be such a bad idea. There is plenty to choose from and prices are still flat. I’m truly sorry to sellers. As a realtor, I will work my hardest for you to sell your home for the best value. If you are new to Calgary and have no home to sell, things can be looking pretty good. If you are a first-time buyer who is pre-approved for financing, same thing. It is all in the eye of the beholder.
The communities of Britannia and Elboya Heights (better known as simply Elboya) have a rich history. Britannia was a subdivision that took shape in 1954 post-Second World War and was known as a community of affluence and unique confidence. It is a community raised up with two themes that, at the time of its development, were very important features: a central park and a community building that has been mainly utilized as a religious venue.
This beautiful area of the community overlooks a ravine down to the Elbow River which hosts some of the city’s extensive walking and biking paths, as well as Sandy Beach. It is a great walk along the top of ridge, not only viewing the beautiful mountain scene to the west but also having a chance to admire some of the most beautiful homes in the inner city. It truly is an exceptional neighbourhood to live in.

Britannia Stats

With about 300 multi-family dwellings in this community it is designed to roll with the natural landscape, allowing streets to curve and flow smoothly through this quiet community. At the south end of the community sits the very quaint yet popular boutique-style outdoor mall known as Britannia Plaza. It is home to Britannia wine merchants as well as Sunterra market. If it is early morning coffee that you crave, there are two coffee houses. There is also a hardware store for Saturday morning projects, and two wonderful restaurants, Suzette Bistro and the Elbow Room. Once finished with dinner, cross over to Village Ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth, but be prepared to wait, as there is almost always a line-up.
Elboya Heights, located just east of Elbow Drive, is a very lovely part of the community and was built up during the same period as Britannia. With 700 multi-family dwellings, this part of the community has kept the 1950s family unit feel since the time of its birth post-Second World War. This area entertains the schools, playgrounds and community hall that have been shared throughout the years with Britannia. The two communities have collaborated their resources and done community planning together for many years and only just in the past year decided to merge the two.

Elboya Heights Stats

The Elboya School is also designated to both Elboya Heights and Britannia and is both the elementary and junior high school within the area. It is a cool rarity to have both elementary and junior high merged together. The school is also French immersion. Most children will move on to Western Canada High School which is located north on 17th Avenue—a quick and easy bus ride on the #3, taking you right to downtown. Because of its awesome location, these communities allow for an easy commute to work or to some of the action and fun to be had down on both 4th Street SW and 17th Avenue, which host numerous eateries and shops.
As I have grown up running around with friends that lived in this area, I am well versed with the advantages it has. Come and have a look at some of the great opportunities that await you in your brand-new living space here in Britannia/Elboya Heights community.

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