Killarney/Glengarry Real Estate 2018 Trends

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Wow! The market is turning into a very interesting arena in Killarney-Glengarry. It could be viewed in two very different lights. For sellers it would be considered not so great, for buyers it has the potential to be figuratively a candy lane.

Judging by new listings compared to the sales report, there is very little action to be had. The ratio says it all and it is not great. There is hardly any movement in the area of Killarney-Glengarry. This beautiful neighbourhood is ripe for any buyer at this point. I don’t believe it is due to no foot traffic. As I have been very busy in this neighbourhood, there are more than enough open houses every weekend for any serious home shopper to be able to spend at least a couple of hours on foot. The price range is comfortable, yet people still aren’t taking that next step.

Allow me to appeal to your community spirit for a moment. Killarney-Glengarry is a community that is squared out in SW Calgary by Richmond Road SW on the south side, 17th Avenue SW on the north side, 37th Street SW on the west side and 26th Avenue on the east side.

It is always so interesting how some of the communities around Calgary were named. Glengarry was named after Glengarry County, Ontario, as this is the place from which the first settlers originated.

The very first groundbreaking plan in Killarney was registered in 1906 but the lands weren’t annexed until 1910. During this time there was not much growth in the communities and most of the homes built were created as one-storey clapboard structures. Clapboard is wooden siding of a building in the form of horizontal boards, often overlapping. The progression of the community didn’t come until developers began to build during the post-war era. The types of buildings erected were built of small stucco and clapboard bungalows on 15m lots. Since about 2002, developers have been replacing the older structures with infill housing.

Some of the amenities in the area consist of an original regional shopping centre known as Westbrook Mall. Directly north of the community, this mall features over 70 brand name retailers and includes a Wal-Mart, Safeway, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Sport Chek, a Medical Centre and the famous Aussie Rules—a fun night spot with an interactive duelling piano bar and live music.

A quick trip east will find you along 17th Avenue, where there are many other shops and fun things to do both day and night.

Killarney is a very family-oriented neighbourhood that hosts a myriad of schools and parks. Schools include Holy Name Elementary, which is operated by the Catholic school system rather than CBE. It is a bilingual school offering programs in Filipino Culture, French and extended French, Italian and Spanish. The Killarney Elementary School is hosted by the PSB. As for junior high and high schools that are close to this community, in adjoining neighbourhoods are A.E. Cross Junior High, Vincent Massey Junior High and Ernest Manning High School.

This is a wonderful neighbourhood that sits on the periphery of the heart of the city. You can access all areas of the city easily and it is friendly to all. I hope to help you look for a home in this area.

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