How To Figure Out Which Plastics Are Recyclable


Do you stare at your empty plastics wondering if it belongs in the blue cart? Ask yourself this question to be sure you recycle your plastics right.

Is it a container? If your plastic is a container like a bottle, jug, or tub, it can be recycled. Make sure it’s empty, clean, and dry. If it’s not a container, it is not accepted in the blue cart. There may be other disposal options for your item – check

Be aware of these exceptions:

  • Bundle your clean, stretchy plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and other plastic film into a single plastic bag and tie closed for the blue cart.
  • Foam packaging (polystyrene, EPE, EPS, Styrofoam) including foam marked with the recycle symbol belongs in your black cart as garbage.
  • Recycle plastic lids larger than the size of your palm in the blue cart. If it’s smaller, it goes in the black cart.

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