Living in a City with Coyotes

skeeze / Pixabay

Calgary has been experiencing coyote activity in many areas of the city. Although rare, some encounters have involved pets being hurt or killed. While this is certainly concerning, Calgarians must realize that euthanizing or moving coyotes leads to more coyotes entering the area.

Citizens can reduce or even eliminate negative encounters with coyotes and pets by ALWAYS keeping dogs on leash except in off-leash parks and DO NOT allow cats to roam. Not only will these steps help keep pets safe, they are also the requirement in The City’s Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw.

Here are other actions that will greatly reduce the risk of coyote encounters:

  • Coyotes can be attracted to an area by dog feces, so please clean up after your pets, even in natural environment parks.
  • Don’t approach or feed coyotes.
  • Secure open areas under porches, decks or steps.
  • Clean up your compost, garbage and other potential food sources.
  • Don’t store food outside.
  • Clean up around bird feeders and clean up fallen fruit.

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