New App Makes It Easier to Find Your Way Around City Cemeteries


Until recently, finding your way around the almost 100 hectares (243 acres!) of The City of Calgary’s five cemeteries and indoor mausoleum was a challenging task. But with the strategic thinking of Calgary Parks, tapping into an existing technology has made it easier and quicker for Calgarians to get where they want to be in The City’s cemeteries. The new tool is the cemetery app on

The tool can be found on The City’s Map Gallery, which has almost 50 apps and maps to help Calgarians find location-based information. Simply type a loved one’s name into the app’s search bar and it will show you exactly where in The City’s cemeteries or mausoleum your loved one is located. The app is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, and the data is updated daily, so the information is always reliable and accurate.

Check out the new cemetery app by visiting