Bike Safety: Protect your Noggin!

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skeeze / Pixabay

A message from the Federation of Calgary Communities

Summer has arrived and there are more cyclists out and about. Before hitting the pavement, be sure to review some very important safety basics.

1. Protect Your Noggin

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Toddlers to adults should think twice before getting on a bike without a helmet. The helmet should fit nicely and cover the forehead. Calgarians under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet.

2. Ring, Ring!

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Having bell can let those around you know your coming!

3. Stop!

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Being a cyclist follows similar rules to driving a vehicle. Pay attention to posted signs, speed limits and watch out for pedestrians. Know your route ahead of time it this can help you be aware of potential detours and hazards.

4. Increase visibility

AOMSIN / Pixabay

Having reflector or lights can increase your visibility for other cyclists, pedestrians and cars.

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