The Randy O’Dell Legacy

RP – The Randy O’Dell Legacy

by Sherry Payne

I am immensely proud that Wellspring’s Randy O’Dell House will be opening in Seton in summer 2019. I have worked for Randy’s company for many years and I knew him well … we were great friends. Here’s a brief history for others who might be curious.

Randy O’Dell came from humble beginnings back in small town Hampton, New Brunswick. When he moved to Calgary in 1978 he was 25 and a newly certified journeyman electrician. Randy had big dreams, plenty of self-motivation, and a spectacular entrepreneurial spirit. He worked his way through the ranks quickly, and in 1984 opened O’Dell Electric and began his ascent in the commercial electrical construction business. Randy was successful, but he was not selfish. His intention was to leave behind a meaningful legacy and give back to the city that nurtured his hopes and dreams. He wanted something that would affect many and give him the satisfaction of a worthy accomplishment. Wellspring Calgary fit the bill.

Randy liked that Wellspring helps hundreds of people who are living with cancer. He appreciated that it offers empathy, resources and programs that support and empower people, not just those diagnosed, but their caregivers also. He was grateful to think that many people in Calgary and southern Alberta would benefit from his lifelong efforts.

In the final months of Randy’s life, I could see that his donation to Wellspring Calgary gave him purpose to carry on, despite his rapidly declining health. It was a great source of pride and a distraction for him during his suffering. Although Randy passed in November 2017, I feel his spirit daily, and I know he is proud of this incredible achievement.

I can’t wait to visit Randy O’Dell House in 2019, to pay tribute to a great centre and my dear friend.