Bicycle Laws for Sidewalks

With the warmer weather, many families are getting outside walking and biking on our sidewalks. We would like to remind everyone that bikers over 14 years old are not permitted on sidewalks. It is especially important during these times of physical distancing.

We are hearing reports of pedestrians needing to walk on the roads because of all the bikers on sidewalks. Remember, sidewalks are predominantly for pedestrians.

Please see the chart for what modes of transport are allowed on pathways and sidewalks. Or visit the website:


Your young children may ride their bike on the sidewalk while you ride on the road, but please remind them to keep far back from other pedestrians and call out or ring their bell (it is a good time to practice getting them started in this etiquette) if they wish to pass someone.

Another strategy is to ride as a family group on the road. There are far fewer cars on roads these days allowing for safe travel there.

Thank you for keeping our residents safe.