New Skatepark Awarded to Bowness


The City of Calgary Recreation is happy to announce that a new skatepark was awarded to Bowness, and it will be located in Queen Elizabeth Park at 4324 77 St. N.W. The City would like to acknowledge the support from the Bowness Community Association, the Bowness Legion #238, the local branch of the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary and Councillor Ward Sutherland. Ward is pleased that he was able to help bring this much anticipated community amenity to the youth of Bowness.

Being sensitive to the location and its significance in the community, The City engaged the Local Legion #238 and received their endorsement of the skatepark. The design of the skatepark will complement the historic relevance of Queen Elizabeth Park and have design elements that honour our veterans. It will also incorporate what was heard during The City’s 2014 and 2016 participatory design sessions.

Construction of the Bowness skate spot will begin in late September or early October 2018. This park will take 12 weeks to construct and is anticipated to be complete and open to the public by January of 2019. Seasonal deficiency work, such as landscaping, will be completed at this site in the spring of 2019.

City liaisons will continue to work with the community stakeholder groups to support the development of the park, the public art program delivery, and are planning for grand opening ceremonies to be held in 2019.

We want to thank the community volunteers and supporters for their time an effort to bring this project into the Bowness Community.

To view the concept drawings for the new skatepark, visit Councillor Ward Sutherland’s website at