2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games


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In April, I partnered with a couple of my colleagues to set up the Olympic & Paralympic Assessment Committee. There are seven of us from Council that serve on this Committee. Please go to my website and click the 2026 OPWG link under ‘Resources’ to see the Committee Terms of Reference and all the minutes and reports etc. Please also visit www.calgary.ca/olympicbid to read all things “Olympics”. I am committed to being your ears and voice at City Hall on this matter and keeping an open mind as things unfold. I want to make sure you get all the information needed to make an informed decision. I’m also there to ask all the tough questions on your behalf.

There are very tight timelines over the coming months with a number of risks that need to be carefully monitored and managed. I met several times during August in preparation for a potential off ramp September 10th. I really would like to hear your feedback, concerns and questions on this major undertaking. We have defined a potential vision for Calgary’s future growth and development as it could relate to hosting this international sporting event. This potential undertaking will impact generations of Calgarians. Please get actively involved over the coming weeks heading into the plebiscite. Public engagement to inform you all about the bid process will run from September to November 2018.

This will be followed up with the opportunity for you to vote in the plebiscite on Tuesday, November 13, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. While plebiscites are not binding on Council, I am committed to voting the way the majority of Ward 13 cast their ballots. Please vote. So here is the question that will be posed:

Are you for or are you against Calgary hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games?

__ I am for Calgary hosting.

__ I am against Calgary hosting.

In July, I called upon the Federal and Provincial governments to make their commitment quickly in order for Council to move forward with preparing for the plebiscite. Please also visit my website to see my Council debates and the media coverage on TV and print.