International Association of Women and Update on Cannabis

I was honored to meet these amazing police officers from the Ukraine at the IAWPC in August.

International Association of Women in Police Conference 2018

In August, the Calgary Police Service hosted the International Association of Women in Police Conference, which I was honored to attend as Deputy Mayor. Over 800 delegates from 70 different countries visited our City, and it was my great pleasure to welcome them. I want to sincerely thank the women and men of the CPS who have worked so diligently over the past two years in planning this outstanding conference. This year’s theme was “Leading Change” – and it was so important. What starts here can change the world.

Update on Cannabis Legalization

On October 17, 2018 the consumption and sale of cannabis will be legalized nationally. As such, The City of Calgary has worked to create new Bylaws, procedures, and practices to ensure that the consumption and sale of cannabis is done safely and responsibly throughout the City.

Cannabis Public Consumption Information

Public consumption of cannabis is prohibited in all forms (smoking, vaping, and edibles) in the vast majority of Calgary’s public spaces. This regulation is reflective of the concerns that Calgarians have expressed.

However, not all citizens have access to private property on which to consume cannabis. Because landlord and tenant agreements, condo bylaws, and hotel rules can prohibit cannabis consumption, some citizens and visitors to Calgary may not have a legal place to consume. To that end, the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw allows Council to approve designated areas where cannabis may be smoked, vaped, or otherwise consumed in specific public places.

Designated cannabis consumption areas are to help alleviate lack of access to a permissible place to consume legal cannabis while also considering the overall well-being of communities.

Four proposed consumption areas were available for public review between August 27th to September 7th:

  1. Inglewood: Green space at 11 Ave SE between 11th and 12th St;
  2. Inglewood: Green space adjacent to Wildlands parking lot on 9th Ave SE, past 22nd St;
  3. Bridgeland: Murdoch Park, on the southern end of 7A St NE; and
  4. Ogden: Green space located north of the shopping plaza at Glenmore Tr and Ogden Rd SE.

After hearing significant engagement from the community, Council made the decision to scrap all four locations.

Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra, who proposed those locations, stated, “This really is only going to work if there’s a diffuse network of these things and you don’t concentrate them”. As such, Council still has the ability to start the process again to consider other areas in the future, however it won’t be in time for the legalization date.

Cannabis Business Information

All Cannabis Stores are required to obtain development permits and business permits from Planning and Development and the AGLC, respectively. There is no input during the approval stage from the Councillors Office, Council, Community Associations, or residents.

Cannabis businesses can open officially at 10:00 am on October 17, 2018.