Downtown is Important to Calgary’s Vitality


Whether you live, work, or play downtown, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most important parts of the city. I’m hoping you’ll take the opportunity to provide your opinion on what Calgary’s downtown could be like or look like in the next 30+ years. We’re reviewing and refreshing the 2007 Centre City Plan and starting this fall we will be asking for your input of what you would like to see or do more of in downtown Calgary.

I love Calgary’s unique skyline, with its historic sandstone buildings and mix of modern skyscrapers. You’ve probably visited one of the 25+ park spaces, cycled down the river pathway or ate at one of the many restaurants. Maybe you’ve attended one of the hundreds of events hosted downtown, shopped at the mall or in a boutique store. All of these things bring vibrancy to Calgary’s downtown and when our Centre City thrives, so does the rest of the city. That’s why it’s vitally important for The City and the community to invest its support in planning and creating a livable, thriving and caring core.

The Centre City Plan is a coordinated document that pulls together the vision for the Centre City along with strategies and actions relating to land use planning, economic, cultural, social development, and governance. In the upcoming public engagement, The City will be seeking input to re-affirm the Centre City vision and identify big ideas and actions to make the vision a reality for years to come.

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