Investing in Infrastructure, Technology, and Brain Power

Calgary Acadia

Alberta’s economy is growing stronger every day, and our Government will continue to invest in our infrastructure, technology, and brain power to ensure a solid, diversified foundation in the future.

The Government of Alberta is partnering with the federal government and the City of Calgary to make unprecedented investments in public transit, green infrastructure, recreational, cultural, and community infrastructure. These investments will have benefits for people in communities across the province, including:

  • faster commutes and travel times for more people, and easier movement of goods for businesses
  • cleaner air and water
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • smarter and more efficient cities
  • sustainable water management
  • enhanced public parks, recreational facilities and other spaces that make communities great places to live
  • better transportation and digital infrastructure for people living in remote communities

The funding builds on Alberta’s 2018 Capital Plan, which commits $26.6 billion over five years to support priority infrastructure projects across the province.

It also builds on the Green Trip funding we committed in the fall of 2015 – funding which is now creating the transportation links we need to have a great quality on life in Calgary-Acadia. Public Transit connects our businesses, ensures seniors can stay in their communities and still access services, and gives our youth the ability to get themselves to their first job, and prepare for their future.

Speaking of the future, you may have heard that I have made the difficult decision to not run again in 2019. I have been so appreciative of the support, feedback and comments that I have received from constituents like you since I was elected in 2015. It has been an enormous honour to be your representative and advocate, and I look forward to continuing to serve you for the remainder of the term.

As ever, I look forward to hearing from you at by phone at 403-640-1363 or email [email protected].