The Carbon Levy

Calgary Acadia

It has been just over a year since our Government brought in the Carbon Levy, and I wanted to share some of the positive impacts of the program.

The Levy is an important tool to support the diversification of Alberta’s economy, and improve energy efficiency in our homes, our schools, our businesses, and throughout our province. With the support of some of the largest companies in our oil and gas industry as well as environmental organizations and First Nations, we created our own rules before the Federal government created rules for us. They are custom made for our unique economy and the demands of life in Alberta, and all of the funds collected stay in Alberta rather than going to Ottawa.

The funds collected under the Carbon Levy are not put into the “general bank account”, but are invested directly into innovation, healthier infrastructure, emerging industries, and rebates for Albertans. If you are single and make less than $47,500, you receive 100% of the rebate, as do families who make $95,000 or less.

We have also used the funds from the carbon levy to offer point of sale rebates on items such as LED lightbulbs, low flow showerheads, and programmable thermostats you can operate from your smart phones.

In the last election, we promised to take leadership on climate change, and we have. We listened from experts from across industry, academia, and finance and they all told us the same thing: a carbon levy was the most effective, least bureaucratic, and most efficient way to do our part.

To hear about future consumer and home environmental initiatives or if you want to know more, please email my office at [email protected]. Also, keep an eye out for our new community event and celebration board in our window on Fairmount Drive if you haven’t seen it already! We will be glad to post your events free of charge – just send us the details.