Returning to Balance

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Dear Constituents:

With the arrival of spring, 2018 budget was tabled by our government—A Recovery Built to Last. The Budget continues to extend the benefits of Alberta’s economic recovery to all Albertans; continues to build a more resilient, diversified and stable economy; less vulnerable to oil price shocks—a recovery that is built to last for everyone.

We are working to get needed pipelines built for access to new markets and get better value for our resources by adding value to our resources right here at home.

Diversifying the economy:

  • $60 million a year for the extension of the Alberta Investor and the Capital Investment Tax Credits.
  • $20 million a year by 2020-21 new Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

Diversification within the energy sector:

  • $1 billion for partial upgrading over 8 years
  • $500 million in royalty credits to initiate a second phase of the Petrochemicals Diversification Program (PDP)
  • $500 million for a Petrochemical Feedstock Infrastructure Program, including loan guarantees and grants

Making sure our loved ones get the care they need

  • Investing in high-quality health facilities, such as the Calgary Cancer Centre
  • hundreds of new continuing care beds on-line in 2018-19

Helping young people get the best education possible

  • Fully funding enrolment growth in the K-12 education
  • Reducing school fees
  • Extending post-secondary tuition freeze for a 4th year
  • Investing in 3,000 new tech spaces
  • Providing new scholarships for technology and other emerging sectors

Ensuring no one is left behind

  • Creating additional 4500 affordable child care spaces
  • Providing $328 million through AB Childcare Benefit and AB family Employment Tax Credits

Returning to Balance

Economic recovery and a growing population will increase government revenues in the coming years.  Public dollars will be focused on where they are needed most. While eliminating waste, controlling spending and finding efficiencies.