The 2018-2019 Budget, Bill 202, and Holding the Government to Account

Calgary Lougheed Jason Kenny

Budget 2018-19

Finance Minister Joe Ceci delivered the 2018-19 Budget on March 22. Included in the budget is the NDP Government’s plan to raise the carbon tax to the federal government’s preferred 67 per cent hike, increasing it from $30 to $50 per tonne if re-elected. The NDP also admitted that the additional revenues from the 67% carbon tax increase will go to general revenues. With no credible plan to return to balance or plan to control spending, the NDP Government is projecting a $96 billion debt figure in 2023. Meanwhile, Albertans are left paying high interest rates, money that could be used to fund essential services. This year alone, Alberta will spend nearly $2 billion in debt interest payments. By 2023 when the debt is expected to reach $96 billion, debt payments will nearly double to $3.7 billion. United Conservatives will constructively oppose a fiscal plan that drags Alberta deeper into debt.

Bill 202: The Alberta Taxpayer Protection (Carbon Referendum) Amendment Act

On March 16, I introduced Private Member’s Bill 202: The Alberta Taxpayer Protection (Carbon Referendum) Amendment Act. As President of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, I successfully advocated for Ralph Klein’s government to pass the Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act, a law requiring a government to hold a referendum before any effort to implement a provincial sales tax. A carbon tax has increased the costs of just about everything in Alberta, and at the very least violates the spirit of the Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act. Bill 202 would require any increase to the carbon tax to be put to voters and would prevent any future government from imposing a carbon tax without the consent of Albertans.

Holding the government to account

Prior to the spring session of legislature, I said that myself and caucus colleagues would bring a high level of decorum to the Legislature. Our role as the Official Opposition is to hold the government to account, and ask tough questions, but in a respectful manner. Myself and caucus colleagues have been standing up for hard-working Albertans and common-sense ideas in the Legislature. The United Conservative Caucus want Albertans input on what to ask in the Legislature. To submit a question, you would like to have answered in the Legislature you can go to the following website

With graduation time approaching, I would be pleased as MLA for Calgary-Lougheed to provide a celebratory scroll to graduates to mark this milestone occasion. Recipients should reside in the constituency of Calgary-Lougheed. Please contact my constituency office to request a scroll.

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