Illegal Border Crossings in Canada

Calgary Nose Hill e

Canada has experienced a record number of illegal border crossings since 2017. The influx of border crossings and the Prime Minister’s failure to manage a planned immigration system is putting a strain on social services across several provinces. Government analysis shows that wait times for asylum claims could now hit up to 11 years. These consequences of the illegal border crossings are expected to cost taxpayers approximately $2.9 billion to support claimants in the interim, this is in addition to the projected federal deficit of $18.6 billion.

On April 24th, I introduced an Opposition Day motion calling on the Government to put forward a plan to manage Canada’s borders. However, the Government voted down this motion, and instead will continue to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to deal with their inability to manage Canada’s immigration system.

We need to ensure that when the world’s most vulnerable come to Canada, they are given access to resources and resettlement services to successfully integrate into our social and economic fabric. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, as it is likely to worsen in the upcoming summer months. I’d like to hear your opinion on this issue at [email protected].