June at St. Augustine School

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Greetings from St. Augustine Fine Arts School. As the last months before summer draw near, the school is alive with many activities, such as Bowling fieldtrips, In-Line Skating, Dance Performances, Choir Presentations and Fun Spirit Days. It is always a special affair to bring the year to an end on such a positive note.

Congratulations to our Flag Football athletes who, through competition, demonstrated their skills and sportsmanship on the field. As ambassadors of our school, their representation as examples of fair play is always appreciated. We look forward to seeing our students compete in Track and Field at Glenmore Landing this month and continuing to bring great pride to Angels Athletics.

Staff and students were busy collaborating this month and created beautiful works of art that connected to our other subject areas. These pieces were showcased at our first ever Fine Arts Gala, which featured a live band, refreshments and food. Not only was this a great way of presenting to the community the many ways we connect art to learning, but also helped raise money for our Outdoor Learning Café and Art Commons. Many thanks to our community stakeholders for supporting this event.

Dance and Instrumental Music students are busily preparing for their end of year Fine Arts Showcase titled “Journeys.” Students will be performing at the Leacock Theatre at Mount Royal University on June 12th and are very excited to showcase what is the culmination of their year’s work. Visual Arts students also had the opportunity to shine this past month, as their work was prominently displayed at this year’s Kidfest near the end of May. We are extremely grateful for the chance to bring artwork, performances and other examples of Learning Through the Arts to our community and look forward to making connections with other groups in the future.

Should you have any questions or comments about anything to do with St. Augustine Fine Arts School, please call us at 403-500-2022 or email: [email protected].