Challenging the NDP Government on Important Issues

Calgary Mountain View

Dear Constituents,

The Spring Session of the Legislature is coming to a close. I have worked hard to challenge the NDP Government on important issues including the budget, the need for an electricity market free of government interference, streamlining Alberta Health Services costs, and reforming primary care with increased prevention (now 3% of the Health budget).

With the federal legalization of recreational cannabis slated to come later this year, we still have much work to do to form strong provincial legislation that will protect health and safety, undercut the black market (currently over $10B in Canada) and create a fair and productive industry. After a very informative public forum I hosted on cannabis regarding its risks and benefits, I remain concerned with the health effects on the developing brain, the lack of funding for mental health, particularly for youth, and the need for more education and awareness of safe recreational use. Our forum on cannabis took place April 25, 2018 but the Livestream recording is still available for viewing on my Facebook page.

I continue to lend my voice to Mental Health Awareness and the “Get Loud” campaign. “Getting Loud” means normalizing talking about mental health and addiction issues, which are like any other medical condition. Stigma around mental health impairs people’s ability to openly and honestly talk about loss, trauma, anxiety and depression. It also hampers people’s ability to seek needed treatment and solutions. We are fighting for better mental health policies that include more children’s psychiatry beds, early intervention in higher risk families, a new emphasis on peer support and counseling for mental distress and addiction, and addressing the long waitlists for children and youth. With inadequate funding at less than 5% of Alberta’s Health budget the Alberta Liberals believe more should be done.

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TIME: 9:00AM to 11:00AM

DATE: Saturday, July 7, 2018

PLACE: Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre!

We cannot wait to see you all there!