Make Your Voice Heard about the Trans Mountain Pipeline

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In late August, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that inadequate consultation had taken place relative to the construction of the TransMountain pipeline. This decision has not only put hundreds of good paying jobs in jeopardy but further erodes the confidence of the investment community in Canada and its energy industry. The Federal government, which now owns the existing pipeline and the right to construct the expansion, must invoke legislation declaring the project in the country’s national interest. Failure to do so could mean the expansion never proceeds and taxpayers will be stuck with a $4.5 billion investment in a 60-year-old pipeline.

As this court ruling was being issued, it was revealed that for the first time in history more than 200,000 barrels of oil per day are now being shipped by rail. That amount alone is 50% of the capacity of the new pipeline and even if the expansion began today, it won’t be completed for at least 3 years. Shipping this much oil by rail is not only uneconomic but an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

The fall session of Parliament commenced in mid-September and the government is finding itself being questioned in a number of areas for which it seems to have few answers. TransMountain is just one of the many issues facing the government. Marijuana legalization takes effect on the 17th of October, a number of trade deals need to be ratified and illegal immigration tops the list. In many parts of rural Canada rampant crime and citizens taking the matter into their own hands may be the most important issue.

If you feel strongly about these issues or any others take a moment and make your voice heard, email the Finance Minister at ([email protected]) and Prime Minister Trudeau ([email protected]) and let them know your views.