Crescent Heights’ November Planning Report


by Dennis Marr, CHCA Board of Directors

Between September 7 and October 2, 2018, your Planning Committee commented on the following:

  1. DP2018-3941; #110, 1121 Centre St. NW; change of use; offices
  2. DP2018-4131; 1507 Centre B St. NW; change of use; restaurant
  3. DP2018-4256; 123–7 Ave. NW; new semi-detached dwelling and garage
  4. DP2018-4462; 221-8 Ave. NW; new single detached dwelling
  5. DP2018-4460; 526-16 Ave. NW; (Mt. Pleasant) change of use; cannabis store
  6. DP2018-4460; #103, 1318 Centre St NE; change of use; cannabis store

The final decision on all development permits (DPs) rests with the City. For further information, call the City’s Planning Department or check their website and MAPs’ application.


All our DP reviews pay particular attention to landscaping and tree retention. New residents to our community have told us that the urban forest is one reason that attracted them to move here. Our objective is to maintain and increase the number of trees and other vegetation on the property. While this may be a noble goal, it is a challenge. There is nothing preventing the developer from removing all trees and vegetation from the property before the DP is submitted to the City. There is no requirement to include trees and vegetation in the plans. Most new houses use the full allotment allowed for buildings on the property leaving less room for trees and landscaping compared to the houses that were originally built in our community.

Fortunately, most developers are receptive to the City’s and our suggestions to add more tress and vegetation. Some even ask for our specific recommendation on what type of trees or vegetation. In most cases we recommend canopy trees.

Thankfully, the boulevard is different. Any trees or bushes removed there must be replaced.

Your Planning Committee meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month if warranted. To join the committee, please contact me at [email protected]. To attend a meeting, just come out to the Hall.