Highwood’s December Board Member Report


by Gail Fleck

As we begin to make preparations for the Christmas season and the new year, it’s natural to think about our friends and neighbors and have gratitude for the great place that we live in. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years and it has become as familiar to me as an old Elton John song.

I love this community and decided a while back to reconnect with it by attending one of the Highwood community monthly meetings. I was impressed by the people on the board—they’re an enthusiastic and dynamic group of people! From the rink and swimming pool renovations to all of the activities that the social committee was organizing, I could see that there was a lot going on. I signed up to be the board’s secretary. It’s a pretty simple job, really. I get to spend time with wonderful people that make positive change in my community.

As the winter snow deepens, the sound of hockey sticks on the ice at the rink echo down to my house. I’ve heard that sound every winter for many years, and I love knowing that it will continue for a long time to come. If you love anything about this community, consider coming out to a meeting and saying hi to your neighbors. We’re at the hall every second Tuesday evening of the month. We’re also holding our AGM on January 26, and all are welcome.

Happy Holidays!

Gail Fleck,