Highland Park’s December Planning and Development Report


by D. Jeanne Kimber

We hope everyone checked out the North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning initiative and took advantage of the opportunity to express your thoughts about Highland Park—what is good and what is not, what you want to see in the future and what concerns you have. That phase of the project was scheduled to close November 25th, but you can stay informed and signup for updates by visiting https://engage.calgary.ca/NorthHill?redirect=/northhill.

Last month’s Planning and Development Report discussed the land use zoning R-CG and R-CGex. One application for a land use redesignation to R-CG at 202 32 Avenue NE will be going before the Calgary Planning Commission on Thursday November 15th. The proposed development for the site is a 4-unit rowhouse with small basement suites, and a 4-car garage (https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/LOC2018-0171 and https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/DP2018-3573)

Other developments pending or underway include:

  • Solar panels will be installed on top of the roof of James Fowler High School
  • The Development Permit (DP) application for a 4-unit rowhouse at 3809 2 Street NW has been approved, and is pending conditions of approval being met
  • A DP application for a commercial and multi-family residential unit at 3624 Centre Street NE is currently under review by the City. This is the former Fas Gas site, and the Community Association has urged a thorough environmental assessment. The site is also within the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) 600 m. radius for the future 40th Avenue Green Line station and would logically support higher density. (https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/DP2018-4368)
  • A multi-residential unit at 3408 Centre Street NE is still pending review. The Community Association had expressed concerns about the building design, which were also concerning to the City. We are awaiting receipt of revised plans (https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/DP2018-2235)
  • An application for land use redesignation has been submitted to the City for the site occupied by the Centre Street Church West Campus on Centre Street NE. You may have learned previously that the Church had sold this property, although they will continue to use the building there for the foreseeable future. The application for land use would allow for multi-storey apartment buildings, some with commercial storefronts. The redesignation process can take many months (https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/LOC2018-0235)
  • A DP for a cannabis store at 3904 1 Street NE is currently under review. It should be noted that cannabis stores also require approval and licensing by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). (https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/DP2018-4653)

The Community Association office receives the plans for Development Permit and Land Use Redesignation applications. If you want to see what is being proposed near you, then contact the Hall Manager (Carolyn) at [email protected] or 403-276-6969.