Montgomery’s September President’s Corner

Presidents Message Montgomery

Hoping you all had some time to relax and enjoy during the summer. I was fortunate to be able to spend some time at a cottage in Ontario! I came home to the heavy smoke that hung-over Calgary. It was amazing not to be able to see the sky.

I am very grateful to all our neighbours who take time to notice what is happening in the community and who take time to call or send an email. I will try to address some of the recent activities.

I have also been asked to ask neighbours who are walking around the neighbourhood to take note of sidewalks in front of new and newish developments that have been left with asphalt. If you notice this, contact 311 for follow up. On that note, 311 is a great way to report derelict lots, any sidewalk damage, or any other concerns that you notice in the community. If you contact 311 about a concern and wish to bring it to our attention as well, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Many have noticed the change at the corner of McKay road and 19 Ave. I have been in contact with the City and project engineer regarding this intersection. This is a pilot to see if it creates a safer corner. FFCA High School has expressed that it will change the access for buses to their site. We will continue to monitor this intersection. If you have any feedback or comments, please forward them.

The Calgary Housing property on the south side of 16th Avenue has become quite an eyesore with windows being boarded up this spring and summer. I have been in contact with both the Provincial Government (who owns the property) and the City of Calgary (who manage affordable housing). We have sent pictures of the site to the Provincial Government. Both levels of government are aware of the concerns and the neglect of the property. The City was provided funding in the Spring to fix the property and has been working on the inside of the rental units. We will continue to monitor this site.

We continue to work with the MainStreets Team to create a vision for the Community. Watch for upcoming engagement opportunities in the Fall.

The short-term plan for the Shaganappi Trail-16th Avenue-Bowness Road Intersection was passed in Council over the summer. It is my understanding that this will only occur after the Crowchild Trail project is complete.

On an exciting note, University District opened their new off-leash dog park on the south east corner of Shaganappi and 32nd Ave.

Thanks again to everyone who asks questions, raise concerns, and keep an eye on the neighbourhood.

Talk soon