Mount Pleasant’s October Message from the President

Presidents Message Mount Pleasant

by Philip E. Carr

Due to publishing deadlines, I am not sure whether you will be reading this before or after our Annual General Meeting on October 16th. If you are reading it before that date, then I encourage you to attend and meet your Board of Directors. There will be annual reports, elections, and a social time.

The AGM will bring a few changes to the makeup of the Board. What will not change is the dedication that the Board members bring to our goal of continuing to make Mount Pleasant a vibrant community.

Linda and I are working through a major renovation to the main floor of our home. This follows the recent replacement of all of the windows on the second floor. Suffice it to say that we hope to call Mount Pleasant our home for many years to come, having built our home here in 1995. In this regard, we are in good company on the Board, although I doubt any of us will surpass the years of residency by such Board leaders as Roger Leach and Murray Anderson. On the other hand, it is always a pleasure to welcome newcomers. This summer, for example, I met a couple who recently moved onto our street. In addition to sharing the cul-de-sac, I learned that we share the same wedding anniversary. The difference is that Linda and I were married forty years before this couple! While I won’t embarrass them by naming names here, I will say that it is always a joy to meet new residents and participants of our programs and share the joys of living in Mount Pleasant.