Renfrew President’s Message – October


Well it’s official! The new and revised Bylaws which were put forward at the AGM in May have been approved by Corporate Registry. What an accomplishment and a quick pat on the back is in order for the Board. What does this mean for you as a member? There are a few changes that immediately affect the membership. First, if you held a valid membership as of August 29, 2018, your membership is now valid until the end of June 2019. The Membership Year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Second, we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting before the end of November. As passed by Special Resolution in May, this AGM will not involve elections and will mainly be to bring our financial reporting up to date and in line with our new fiscal year (ending May 31). So mark your calendars for our Annual General Meeting: Friday, November 23, 2018 @ 6 pm. We’re well aware that an AGM involving a quick Year In Review and Financial Reporting may not sound like the funnest way to spend some time on a Friday evening, so the AGM will be followed by an exciting Adult Pub Night! Stay tuned for confirmed details, but rumour has it Name that Tune is in the works which always proves to be a great time!

One other major change is our meetings. The RCA will no longer be holding monthly General Meetings. However, each Board meeting will be open to any Member, although any Member attending a Board meeting is non-voting and may speak upon invitation. Notice of our Board meeting dates will be published as required in future editions.

The end of October brings Halloween and numerous occasions to show off your costume creations! And we’re in full planning mode for a new and exciting event in November, but you’ll have to stay tuned for details.

Renfrew’s first City-led planning in forty years is beginning. Check the ad in this newsletter for more information and

The RCA’s Casino Fundraiser dates have been set for January 7 & 8, 2019. This is the RCA’s biggest fundraiser and will provide us with the gaming funds we need to operate and function for another year. This event requires some dedicated volunteers and we’re counting on you! Please sign up for a shift or two at or shoot Mary Grace a quick email at [email protected]. This is your opportunity to contribute!

Upcoming Events

Oct 19    Jelly Bean Dance Halloween

Oct 26    Halloween Family Pub Night

Oct 27    Adult Pub Night (yes Saturday!)

Nov 8     Cannabis and Youth Presentation by YouthLink

Nov 23   AGM @ 6 pm; Adult Pub Night @ 7 pm

Jan 7&8  Casino Fundraiser