Oakridge’s Civic Affairs Report for May


Pedestrian, Bike Safety, and Vehicle Speed and Volumes

Further to the details we provided in the April Echo edition, we have now made it a priority to push for early improvement at two pedestrian/bike crossings:

  • 90th Avenue and Oakside Gate
  • Palliser Drive and 29 Street

Our feedback from The City Transportation/Roads Department via our Ward 11 staff representatives was, “when we pushed for an update or commitment on any/all of the myriad of ongoing traffic issues in the ward we were told that they could not commit to any actions due to being at the end of the budget cycle and that we would have to wait to see what could be done in the next budget cycle.

Regarding traffic calming, we were told that they have paused starting any new traffic calming projects to develop the “Neighbourhood Streets Policy” and framework and are not initiating additional calming projects at this time. If the proposed Neighbourhood Streets Policy is endorsed by Council in Q2/Q3 2022 Transportation will plan to prepare a new list of potential projects by September 2022. Following project selection, they would carry out some engagement and then install temporary and permanent interventions in 2023 and 2024.”

We are expressing our dissatisfaction at this delaying tactic and recommending certain improvements are urgent and obvious, do not need further monitoring, and do no need significant funds.

We need Oakridge residents to actively support us by studying the engage process on the ‘Service Plans and Budget 2023-2026’ at https://engage.calgary.ca/yourservices. This is where your tax dollars will be spent so it is worth a read, and we can comment back in September. I did personally submit many comments of my own, but it would be good to get other residents’ input. Please share any “Community” related concerns with us by no later than June 30 so we can consolidate our OCA position. Many thanks.

If you are concerned about you, your kids, your friends, or your senior neighbours’ safety, please use the 311 line to request action on these road safety improvements or other changes you think would benefit our community. If you have concerns, or support these measures, we would also like to hear from you at the OCA.

Regarding speeding, please contact Calgary Police Service (CPS) at https://www.calgary.ca/cps/traffic/traffic-service-requests.html.

Please keep the OCA informed of any submissions as this enables us to understand your concerns and represent your multiple perspectives.

Climate Change Emergency and OCA Mitigation

We have continued some dialogue with several parties, including representatives from District 32 about the implications on our communities and what we could do to coordinate some actions on growing trees, solar power, electric charging stations, etc. We are also discussing other improvements such as bike routes between greenspaces with ’Oh My Oakridge”. The OCA Board is continuing to support placing solar panels on the OCA facilities, similar to the Southland Leisure Centre and select Heritage Park Facilities. The long-term economics look attractive, and we are looking for funding from Enmax and others for climate enhancing opportunities.