Rutland Park’s February Traffic and Development Report


by Leanne Ellis

VP Development and Traffic

[email protected]

I would just like to highlight what has been happening/going on behind the scenes this past month, in no particular order:

  1. We have added our name to a multi community association letter requesting that the Guidebook for Great Communities be delayed until the March 3, 2021 PUD meeting. It is being revised and will not be available to view until the end of December, but the Planning and Urban Design Committee wants to make recommendations about it on January 13, 2021. This is insufficient time for residents and stakeholders to process the changes, especially with all the COVID-19 restrictions in place. Hopefully, this will allow more time for clarification and feedback.
  2. Development Committee responses were written in support of the following: hair salon in the Inn on Officers’ Garden in Currie, the Currie Green development beside it, and a place of worship in an existing building in Currie Barracks.
  3. Thank you, Craig Marceau, for stepping up and agreeing to become our President in May, after you have completed the Skateshack work, and our life cycle report on the Hall! We appreciate all of your hard work!
  4. This is a shout out to the Government of Alberta for providing $125,000 in the form of a CFEP grant that launched our Skateshack renovation! We would not have been able to undertake the work without it and appreciate the focus on community.
  5. It has come to our attention that the City is looking at selling off the baseball diamonds at Richmond Green. We were totally blindsided by this information, as we were under the impression the City was looking to see if it was worthwhile to sell off the Richmond Green Golf Course. All of the Richmond Green area is part of the CFB West Master Plan, and was calculated as green space when the City determined what density would be permitted within Currie Barracks. This is a huge concern for us– we will definitely be following up on this and keeping you up to date.

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