Celebrate National Child Day 2018!

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USAGI_POST / Pixabay

National Child Day is celebrated annually in Canada on November 20th in recognition of our country’s commitment to upholding the rights of children. In 1959 Canada signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and in 1999, it was endorsed by Alberta. The UNCRC sets out the rights of children with 54 articles that provide us with a solid road map of what is needed to raise healthy and happy children and youth. The 2018 theme is a child’s right to identity.

Supporting children’s rights is a key factor in improving their quality of life. A community that promotes and invests in healthy childhood development, one free from adversities, raises healthier and more engaged citizens. Affirming their uniqueness and identity is the birthright of every child. The identity of a child is their assertion to exist in society; as both an individual, differentiated from their peers and society, and as a part of that group. Identity integrates any child into a society and allows them to benefit from essential social services.

At the core of respecting a child’s right to identity is having their voice heard, believed, and valued in their community. Whether children and youth are at school, at home, on a team, with friends, or online, fostering a community that values their identity involves creating positive relationships with caring peers and adults. We respect a child’s right to identity by:

  • recognizing their name and surname
  • respecting their nationality, by both blood and birth
  • acknowledging their birth date, gender expression, and the inborn and learned traits that make them unique.

We encourage all community members to learn about children’s rights and to make plans to celebrate the day. Wear blue, attend a special event or plan an activity with a child, read a story or watch a film on children’s rights, encourage youth to use their voice on issues that affect them, or plan a fundraiser to support activities for children. Please visit www.nationalchildday.ca for more ideas and to learn more.