Silverbirch District Guiding – March

Guides Silverbirch District

Want to be part of our human totem pole?

As a woman who volunteers with Girl Guides of Canada, Silverbirch District you are playing a key role in providing girls aged 5-17 with the fun and the challenge of Guiding. You’ll be their cheerleader and mentor as you help your girls develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime in a positive environment where girls are free to be themselves. Imagine the fun, the smiles and giggles, and all the confidence-building moments for the girls – and for yourself.

All the while you will have opportunities to develop highly transferable skills such as leadership, communication and planning through hands-on activities and member-only training. You will have access to special events such as regional rallies, camping and international travel as you grow your group of friends in a fun environment.

Make a positive impression on the lives of girls and women in your community. Take the next step and start making that impact today!

Come join us by contacting Barb at 403-251-5169 or [email protected]