St. Bede Playground


St. Bede School is a Kindergarten to Grade Six school located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in a beautiful community by the name of Beddington, filled with growing families and a diverse culture. We have received some devastating news this year – that our playground—which is 20 years old—will be removed this summer (2018) due to safety concerns.

As most of you are aware, kids need to play. They need to burn off some energy in a safe environment—a place where they can be kids. Free play and daily exercise is an essential part to healthy child development, social skills, creative skills and academic skills.

St. Bede’s playground is not only used by the students at our school, but by the multiple families and children in our community. Our School Council and Education Society have been fundraising for over 4 years, with slow success.

So, we are writing you today to ask for your help and support, through a donation to our cause. New playgrounds cost upwards of $100,000 and our community is struggling to attain this goal. This progress has been steady but slow. We do not want to have our kids and our community miss out on all these friendships, stories and skill developments because we were too afraid to ask for help.

If we can even reach $50,000 we will be able to apply for grants to help get us our playground!

Please see the attached flyer for information, and visit:

Thank you for your consideration and support to this worthy cause.

St. Bede School Council